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Mrs. Australia International ® Director

Director: Ferial Youakim

Applications are now being accepted for the Mrs. Australia International Pageant. Please contact Ferial Youakim for more information or to apply!

My dream in life has been to share some of the tools I have found in my own frustrating struggle while not believing in myself.  I had to change my thinking to change my life. I had to learn how to believe in myself and love myself for the way I am and not the way others want me to be. For many of us, the key to success lies in overcoming the fear of personal change”

Ferial has been in the fashion and image industry since 1986, working as a fashion, etiquette and makeup advisor in Australia, the Middle East, Malaysia and the USA, Ferial is also the author of Everyone Deserves To Be Beautiful and The Evolution of Color. Ferial’s mission is to women achieve their full potential by inspiring, empowering and transforming them to SHINE by using the ABC of image; Appearance, Behaviour & Communications.  

“We are all touched when it comes to beauty. Being beautiful is not about being young and slim; it’s about feeling great about how you look, no matter what size, shape, age, color or budget you have.” She was Nominated Australian of the Year for contributing and touching so many lives with her philanthropic work.

Ferial’s passion and dedication to helping women express themselves through their personal presentation, both for business and social situations, is provided through training and coaching on the effective use of Color, Style, Image, Makeup, Wardrobe Planning and Etiquette.

Phone: 61 413 094 773